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Helping You Build A Home For The Future

At Vortex Electrical, we specialise in the installation of a wide range appliances to help transform your home into a modern smart home! From top of the range security features such as cameras, sensors and video intercoms, to quality entertainment equipment including home cinemas and multi-room audio, whatever your needs, we can help you to create a smart home that is tailored to your every need.


Thanks to the ever developing technology behind smart homes, it is possible to completely contemporise your property. There are many advantages in creating a smart home including being able to properly protect your property from intruders and helping to reduce your energy bills through smart heating apps on your phone!


There are a range of smart home services that we offer, including:


Home Cinemas

Ever dreamt of having your very own cinema? With a dedicated home cinema, stealth cinema or media room you can have just that! We can help you to design your project to any budget and completely transform any spare bedroom, garage or loft into a bespoke cinema for you, your family and friends to enjoy unique film nights!

Multi-Room Audio

Everyone loves listening to tunes whether you’re cooking, cleaning or just relaxing. With a state of the art multi-room audio system, you can listen to music, podcasts or the radio in any room or in your garden with a seamless transition as you go from room to room. You can also connect this system to your doorbell or set alerts to let your family know when tea is ready!


Video Distribution

Fed up of having multiple TV systems in every room? With our video distribution services, we can connect all of the TVs in your home to the same system so that you can watch what you want, in whatever room you want!


CCTV And Security

Making sure that our homes are protected is vital to ensuring the safety of our families and our assets. At Vortex Electrical we can install any CCTV, sensors and alarms on your property. We can ensure that you are alerted to any intruder at the perimeter of your property, providing live video to your phone while you are anywhere in the world. In addition, we can have your CCTV monitored by a third party if needed.


Smart Heating

Help to reduce your energy bills by installing a bespoke smart heating system! With a smart heating system, you can switch your central heating on or off wherever you are! On your way home from work? Turn your heating on with your phone before you set off and make sure your home is toasty for when you get back! A smart heating system can also be set up for individual rooms, allowing you to save energy by not heating any rooms that aren’t being used!



Smart lighting can be used to create a unique ambiance or to help to provide security to your home. We can programme any internal or external light to turn on at any time, perfect for when you are away on holiday. Lighting can also be connected to a phone app making it easier for you to turn any lights off that may have been left on when you’re out and about!



We’ve all experienced having a bad WiFi connection, but there is nothing worse than going outside of the reach of your WiFi while still being inside of your home. At Vortex Electrical, we can provide an expert WiFi service to ensure that you have a full connection no matter where you are in your home… or even in your garden!



Having a movie night?

Sun glaring on the tv?

We have the solution! At Vortex Electrical, we can design an automated blind system that can be as simple as a click of a button or powerful enough to automatically stop glare on the tv on those light summer nights!



Don't you hate it when its cold, dark and raining outside when you are all cosy in the nice warm car looking at the gates wishing they would open themselves?

They can! with FAAC automation who are widely known as the Rolls Royce of gates- we can fully automate your gates to open from a fob, a phone call, home automation system or even automatically when it sees your number plate!

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